SEP - Strategy and Practice

Strategy and Practice: training and coaching sessions in combination with various outdoor activities


SEP stands (in Dutch) for Strategie en Praktijk, Strategy and Practice: training and coaching sessions in combination with various outdoor activities. A fantastic opportunity for companies, sports clubs and other organisations to get to grips with a strategic issue as part of a total programme. In this way, theory and practice can go hand in hand. What we learn and discuss in the morning session is put into practice and tested in the afternoon and evening sessions by means of challenging outdoor programme activities. All aspects of the programme are entirely geared to one another. Motus is the organisation that devised and runs the SEP concept. SEP has 5 classrooms at its disposal within the De Admiraal building. Here we can hold group sessions which can, where appropriate, be combined with workshops.

All organisations face strategic challenges at one time or another. With SEP, we offer the opportunity of tackling such challenges actively, over a short period of time. So not just with theoretical training or meetings, but in combination with outdoor or other activities that put the theory into practice in a creative and effective way. Combining theory and action to achieve the goal!

We have a network of coaches, trainers, teachers and former marines at our fingertips, which we can utilise to create a tailor-made programme for you. That could cover anything from team building, reorganisation or management-skills training to resilience or project management, but could include specific training courses relevant to your industry.

Made-to-measure services

Are you and your organisation, team and/or company facing a strategic challenge? Then SEP is the solution for you! Our professionals, together with you and/or your trainer/coach, will get down to business and create a balanced programme, lasting one or more days. Completely in tune with your wishes, although with one clear starting point: achieving your goals by mutually bolstering both theory and practice in an environment that gets the best out of people.

Den Helder

Den Helder, a particularly sunny city with strategy in its genes, surrounded by natural beauty, has all the ingredients for successful strategy sessions and group training courses on its doorstep. The combination of SEP and our group accommodation, De Admiraal, situated on the Fort Dirksz Admiraal estate just outside the centre of Den Helder, make a perfect training programme possible.

Den Helder has no shortage of sites of cultural and historical importance such as Fort Dirksz, a proud part of the fortifications in a green, water-rich environment. Most members of the business community we work with are based locally. And, of course, we mustn’t forget the strategic advantage of the naval presence in Den Helder. We’d like to show you what Den Helder, and its residents, organisations and businesses all have to offer.

A brief impression

You can watch ‘SEP-pilots Den Helder’ on Vimeo to gain an impression of the opportunities. At the time of recording, the De Admiraal building was not yet ready for use, so the indoor activities were held in a different building on the Fort Dirksz Admiraal estate.

De Admiraal

De Admiraal is situated at Fort Dirksz in Den Helder and was transformed in 2020 from a dusty barracks building into a robust location for group accommodation. It offers space for overnight stays, meetings, training courses and other group activities.


The building covers a total surface area of 1,200 m2. So there is enough space to organise activities while maintaining social distancing of 1.5 metres. And there is plenty open space all around the building. The green surroundings and the location at Fort Dirksz Admiraal ensure ample privacy.

You could go for the self-catering option and prepare your own food and drink in our kitchen, but you could also use the services of our catering partner so that you just pull up a chair at the table where the meal is served.

If you hire the whole building for your group, you will not be disturbed by other guests. However, if you have a relatively small group and have no problem with sharing the facilities, then that is another option. The meeting/conference rooms and overnight accommodation can be booked separately.

Naturally, we would be happy to assist our guests with bookings, and can adjust the rooms to your specific wishes.

For more information on the De Admiraal group accommodation, visit:


If you want more information or would like to make an appointment with us, give us a call or send us an e-mail. We’d be happy to tell you more about all the options.